Apply Now!

Would you like to actively support our team? Then you have the opportunity to apply here.

    We wish you a wonderful good day!

    So that you have a realistic chance of getting into the team, you should be aware of a few things:

    01. There is no direct minimum age, because we pay attention to Maturity and Conscientiousness.
    02. You have to master German and English written as well as orally.
    03. Your Microphone quality should be at least satisfying.
    04. When joining the team you must immediately quit each other full-fledged Membership in other teams.
    05. It's not allowed to copy your application from another. We usually recognize that.

    As Staff you are responsible for the problems and concerns of the users and are the direct contact person for them.
    You take care of the support and make sure that everyone on the TeamSpeak behaves according to the rules.
    You are an expert when it comes to server rules. You are also consistent enough to uphold them and, if necessary, punish rule breakers depending on the situation in order to enforce said rules.
    With your warm, accommodating and open-minded manner, you radiate charisma and appear sympathetic to the users.
    With that you are the most important representative of the server and we hope that you can do justice to this task.